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About Ashley

Ashley Gosiengfiao, 33,  is a versatile individual, who has pursued her interests in various fields such as Tarot reading, gaming, music, photography, and lifestyle content creation. In addition to these, she has also ventured into cosplay in the past, garnering a significant following and establishing her identity in the pop culture community.

With over two years of experience in Tarot reading and spiritual guidance, Ashley is dedicated to helping people find clarity and direction in their lives. Her approach to Tarot is grounded in a deep respect for the cards and a belief in their transformative power.

Aside from her work in Tarot, Ashley is also an avid gamer and content creator. She is passionate about gaming and has built a loyal community through her gaming livestreams and content. In addition to gaming, Ashley is also a musician, having released several singles in her career as a solo artist as well as with her former band, Midnight Meetings. Her music is a unique blend of alternative rock, pop, and soul.

Through all her interests and passions, Ashley's ultimate goal is to empower others. Her mission is to inspire and uplift those around her, whether through her Tarot readings, gaming content, music, or art. Ashley believes that everyone has the potential to live their best life and hopes to guide and support others in reaching their goals.

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