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Transcendental Tarot Consultation

Reveal, Heal, Transcend: Your Authentic Path Illuminated

Please read before booking:

This is a TRANSCENDENTAL TAROT READING, rooted in Spiritual Alchemy and Quantum Healing. When you come to me for guidance, please understand that it won’t always be sunshine and daisies. I won't sugarcoat the messages that come through. These readings will be raw, unfiltered, and most probably shake you to the core because I always deliver the TRUTH, no matter how brutal. I won't guide you on how to salvage a relationship. Instead, I'll tell you if it’s falling apart and why that might actually be necessary. I'll shed light on why you seem to attract toxic people into your life or why they keep leaving. I'm also not here to offer you a get-rich-quick scheme. I won't advise you to carve an amount on a green candle, light it, and recite a mantra to magickally solve your financial issues. My focus is on guiding you towards SOULFUL ABUNDANCE, which requires shedding layers of old conditioning. With genuine intentions and the right actions, financial abundance often follows. As above, so below. As within, so without. While other readers and mystics might offer band-aid fixes for immediate issues (yes, many magic spells act as mere band-aids unless accompanied by proper inner work), I provide SUSTAINABLE solutions that break negative patterns, rather than just wishing them away. We'll dive into the deeper waters at a soul level. If you're prepared to confront the root causes of recurring challenges, then you've come to the right place. During our sessions, I'll help you discern what's genuine from what's superficial, guiding you towards your HIGHEST GOOD and the path where your HIGHEST SELF thrives. It's not always the easiest path—it's often called the path less trodden for a reason—but it's the truest. If you’re bold enough to walk it, both spiritual and material rewards await. The reason I'm doing this kind of work? My mission is clear: I'm determined to help usher the world into a state of HARMONIOUS BALANCE. Like rearranging misplaced puzzle pieces to reveal a complete picture, TRUE EQUILIBRIUM emerges when we each find and embrace our authentic purpose. If this speaks to your soul, and you're ready to TRANSCEND and put in the work, welcome aboard! *Please note that I will require your birth details, including your exact birth time as indicated on your birth certificate. Please do not book a session unless you have this information available.* For discounted plans, visit

  • 45 min
  • 6,000 Philippine pesos
  • Zoom

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